Dispatches from Everest

I leave for Nepal today, from where we’ll drive across the border into Tibet. We should arrive at Everest Base Camp on the north side in about a week’s time. I’ll have a satellite connection at base camp as we prepare for our summit attempt, and will be sending regular dispatches when I can. I’ve listed various methods of keeping updated on our progress below.

Everest Base Camp on the north side
Everest Base Camp on the north side
  • I’ll be making longer posts on the Footsteps on the Mountain blog when I have anything substantial to report. You can subscribe by email using the form at the top right of any post on the blog, or by RSS if that’s your thing.
  • I’ll be sending shorter updates and photos here to Hozza’s Rambles, which you can also subscribe to using RSS.
  • Updates from both blogs will be posted to my Facebook page and Twitter, if these are what you prefer.
  • Our expedition leader Phil Crampton will be posting regular expedition dispatches on the Altitude Junkies website. These are usually pithy and entertaining, and well worth following if you don’t mind going to his site to read them (he doesn’t do anything as sophisticated as email, RSS or Facebook unfortunately). He’s sometimes able to post from the higher camps by reporting by satellite phone to his wife Trish, who then posts them to the site on his behalf. He also knows a bit more about climbing than I do, so you will find his descriptions about conditions on the mountain more informative than mine.

In addition to these bulletins from our team on the north side, there are a couple of good resources providing news on the 2012 Everest season in general from both sides of the mountain.

  • Alan Arnette’s Everest 2012 coverage provides an interesting chart tracking each team’s progress throughout the season and their summit success rates. He also has links to blogs by other Everest climbers.
  • ExplorersWeb’s Everest coverage can sometimes be controversial and tends to focus on records, but provides a lot of news and information updated regularly, and is always worth a look.

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