A parting gift from the China Tibet Mountaineering Association

I don’t have that many certificates. This one was acquired after 40 days spent camped at the end of a glacier looking up at a quite frightening piece of black granite as it got battered by the jetstream. In true English fashion we tried not to think about it too much by indulging in red wine, cheese and Pringles at 4pm every afternoon.

My Everest summit certificate
My Everest summit certificate

Towards the end of the 40 days our weatherman indicated that there might be a break of 24 hours in the battering, during which we might just be able to sneak up the black granite and stand on top of it. We shouldered our packs and toiled for 6 days, eating and sleeping very little, and generally putting our bodies through a bit more than they’re designed for.

But it was worth it, not for this bit of cardboard, but for some memories that will last a very long time.

And this is a bit of cardboard I might just be proud enough of to hang on my wall.

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