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Sitting down to write a book can be very stressful ...
Sitting down to write a book can be very stressful …


For many years Mark Horrell has been writing what has been described as one of the most credible Everest opinion blogs out there. He writes about trekking and mountaineering from the often silent perspective of the commercial client.

For nearly 20 years he has been exploring the world’s greater mountain ranges and keeping a diary of his travels. As a writer he strives to do for mountain history what Bill Bryson did for long-distance hiking.

Several of his expedition diaries are available from the major online bookstores. He has published two full-length books: Seven Steps from Snowdon to Everest (2015), about his ten-year journey from hill walker to Everest climber, and Feet and Wheels to Chimborazo (2019), about an expedition to cycle and climb from sea level to the furthest point from the centre of the earth.

His favourite mountaineering book is The Ascent of Rum Doodle by W.E. Bowman.

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This account, of his attempt to climb Everest from the North side, has elevated him and his writing to a whole new level … Every gasp of thin air, every ankle-wrenching pain, is included in Horrell’s narrative. review, The Chomolungma Diaries

Mark is a very engaging writer: honest, humorous, with wonderful descriptions of the environment and captivating tales of the trails. review, The Chomolungma Diaries

A compelling read with no smoke and mirrors, just a whole lot of truth, hard work, and humility. Great book! review, The Chomolungma Diaries

Breathtaking, fascinating, insightful and honest. He has a fantastic attitude towards his climbing, the most important point being, it’s not getting to the top, it’s living to try it again, and enjoying the amazing privilege of being able to do it in the first place. review, Thieves, Liars and Mountaineers

Dry wit and sharp observation made this an excellent read. Lovely descriptions of the mountains. Looking forward to the next one. review, Thieves, Liars and Mountaineers

Horrell is a very descriptive, self-deprecating, witty writer … The prose is breezy and light and the story moves along briskly. Highly recommended. review, Thieves, Liars and Mountaineers

Mark’s books are beautifully written, very humorous and you feel like you are there experiencing the mountain. review, Denali Nights

As usual Mark’s writing manages to be both lively and down-to-earth. Strongly recommended! review, Denali Nights

Here I am tapping away at my book. I'm not allowed the beer until I've written at least 2,000 words.
Here I am tapping away at my book. I’m not allowed the beer until I’ve written at least 2,000 words.