Photo and video licensing fees

I frequently receive requests to use my content, including video and photographs from my YouTube and Flickr channels. While I’m not a professional photographer and I enjoy producing this content, please bear in mind that it took time and effort to create. If you wish to use it commercially, then you will need to pay a licensing fee.

Most of the content on my YouTube channel uses a standard YouTube license, as detailed in their terms of service.

Some, though not all, of the content on my Flickr channel uses a Creative Commons license, as described on the Creative Commons website. The license for each photo can be found on its photo page.

All licenses are non-exclusive. You can see my standard terms and conditions of use for photographs here.

Fees differ from project to project depending on how you intend to use the content, so please contact me for a quote if you wish to use any of it commercially, providing the web address of any photos you are interested in using.

The prices below are a guideline only:

  • Photographs: £50 GBP per photograph for a single use license.
  • Video footage: £100 GBP per minute of footage that you use (minimum fee £200 GBP).