Islands in the Snow: A journey to explore Nepal’s trekking peaks

Footsteps on the Mountain Travel Diaries

ISBN (paperback): 978-1-912748-02-0
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-912748-01-3
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About this book

Two days east of Lukla was a pleasant yak pasture surrounded by high peaks. When Col. Jim Roberts set out to look for it in 1953, he ended up making the first ascent of Mera Peak and sowing the seeds of Himalayan tourism.

Mera Peak has become a popular goal for trekkers and novice mountaineers, but few people climb to its true summit, and fewer still travel beyond it to find the secret yak pasture that sparked Roberts’ journey.

The yak pasture was the Hongu Valley, a hidden sanctuary of grassland, lakes and glaciers linking Mera Peak with the Everest region and Island Peak to the north. Fifty years after Roberts, Mark Horrell embarked on a trek through Nepal’s Khumbu region to follow in his footsteps, climb the two trekking peaks at either end of the valley, and resolve a long-standing mystery about Mera Peak’s height.

Join Mark on a captivating journey through this enchanting region of high mountains and remote valleys.

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Praise from readers

“I particularly like this author’s relaxed style because you feel that you are reading about an expedition you went on. When you are trapped in the office or on the train, this gives you your much needed mountain-fix.”

“I really enjoyed this book. It gives what feels like a realistic portrayal of walking in this wonderful landscape, with just enough of the realities of a trek to ground you. His touches of humour lighten it too. More power to this inspiring writer’s elbow. I have already started on my next book by him.”

“I’ve become quite addicted to the Footsteps on the Mountain diaries. This is the fourth or fifth that I’ve read and it’s written with a comfortable, easy style.”

“It was a great read and highly recommended for anyone thinking of going to the area.”

“I enjoyed this book.I recommend it for anyone contemplating a trekking trip to Nepal’s trekking peaks.The author really makes each day interesting and tells it like it is … The author is to be commended for making this a ‘good read’.”

“Nice job, Mark Horrell! Entertaining, and brought back cool memories!”

“A well written diary, absorbing throughout.”

“Loved this little book. Not only did it bring back memories of my last time in Nepal it also gave me an insight into my next trip out there to climb Mera Peak.”

“I found his honest thoughts about customs, beliefs and the actions of others refreshing.”

“Mark did a fantastic job of writing about his experience on Mera’s summits and Island Peak. Very enjoyable.”

“Another triumph for Mark Horrell. A fascinating insight into the tantalizing Himalayas that Mark obviously loves so much … His descriptions of these majestic mountains are always filled with a profound respect, and every page is truly spellbinding.”

“This book is the next best thing to climbing the mountains yourself. I can recommend all in the Footsteps on the Mountain series.”

“A great read, which had me looking out my trekking map from Nepal, revisiting some fond memories of an amazing place … Well written – a refreshingly honest account … I heartily recommend this book.”

“So far, everything I have read by Mark Horrell has been a winner. An interesting writer with an equally interesting style.”

“Another good read from Mark. He certainly likes his mountains and is a good communicator, understood by even people who are not outdoor enthusiasts. “