“As medical officer to this expedition I prescribe champagne. Where’s the medical equipment?”
W.E. Bowman, The Ascent of Rum Doodle

The Footsteps on the Mountain travel diaries are my notes from the trail. They are quick reads, self-edited and self-published, and available at a budget price from most of the major online bookstores, including Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

They are a lightly-edited version of what I scribble in my tent each evening after a day in the mountains, and have frequently been written in the many different stages of exhaustion. In places you may find them quite raw, but I am happy to have made them available as ebooks, and very grateful to the many of you who have bought them, left reviews, and enabled me to build up an audience for my writing.

I am currently working on my first full-length, professionally-edited book about my journey to becoming an Everest climber. It will be published digitally in 2015, and as a paperback in 2016.