"Mountain worship in one form or another is as old and as widespread as mankind."

Douglas Freshfield (1845 - 1934)
Mountaineer, author and mountain explorer


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The Chomolungma Diaries

The Chomolungma Diaries

My account of climbing Everest by the North Ridge is available as an ebook on Amazon and other online bookstores.

"A compelling read with no smoke and mirrors, just a whole lot of truth, hard work, and humility. Great book!"

Footsteps on the Mountain travel diaries


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Cordillera Blanca pics

Cordillera Blanca
Exploring peaks in Peru's green and pleasant Ishinca Valley, with ascents of Urus Este and Ishinca.

Everest Base Camp pics

My attempt to climb 8516m peak in Nepal is abandoned after horrific avalanche and labour dispute at Everest Base Camp.


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  • How photographs revealed Frederick Cook’s Denali hoax
    Wed, 27 Aug 2014 15:06:08 +0000

    Frederick Cook, one of the most notorious con men in exploration history

    Frederick Cook was one of the most notorious con men in exploration history who tried to fake the first ascent of Denali. What makes his story so engaging is the way photographs have been used to shred his claim so convincingly. Continue reading
  • Why a highway to Everest is long overdue
    Wed, 20 Aug 2014 15:01:44 +0000

    Flights to Lukla Airport in Nepal's Khumbu region have become extremely unreliable in recent years

    If you're planning on visiting Everest's Khumbu region on a prearranged itinerary these days then there's a high probability of your plans going tits up. But things look about to change with plans to build a road all the way to Lukla, the Khumbu's gateway village. Continue reading

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