"Mountain worship in one form or another is as old and as widespread as mankind."

Douglas Freshfield (1845 - 1934)
Mountaineer, author and mountain explorer


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Denali Nights

Denali Nights

My account of climbing Denali by the West Buttress is available as an ebook on Amazon and other online bookstores.

"This should be a part of any climber's Denali prep ... Also a great read for those new to expedition style climbs."

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Mulanje Massif pics

The Mulanje Massif
An ascent of the highest point in Malawi, 3002m Sapitwa Peak, an extraordinarily intricate scramble.

Cordillera Blanca pics

Cordillera Blanca
Exploring peaks in Peru's green and pleasant Ishinca Valley, with ascents of Urus Este and Ishinca.


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  • How many aitches in Machapuchare?
    Wed, 29 Oct 2014 16:01:24 +0000

    Many people's first view of Machapuchare is from the town of Pokhara

    Machapuchare, the celebrated 6,993m peak in Nepal's Annapurna range, is often given the ludicrous spelling Machhapuchhare, with two sets of double aitches. This post is all about how to spell the mountain correctly. Continue reading
  • Chillaxing on Cholatse: a return to Nepal
    Wed, 22 Oct 2014 15:00:51 +0000

    A closer view of Cholatse and the Southwest Ridge (right skyline) from Gokyo Ri

    Last year was the first since 2005 I didn't go to Nepal, so in 2014 I'm making up for it by going twice. By the time you read this I will be heading to the Khumbu region to attempt 6440m Cholatse. It's likely to be the hardest climb I've ever done. Continue reading

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