Volcanic Activity: Climbing Mexico’s volcanoes

Volcanic Activity: Climbing Mexico's volcanoes

ISBN: 9781301510207

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About this book

Mexico – the land of spicy food and tortillas, hot sunny beaches, and ancient Aztec ruins hidden in deep overgrown jungle, where every man over the age of 20 owns a donkey and rides around in a tattered poncho and giant sombrero. Or so I’d once been led to believe.

But what not many people know about Mexico is that you can go mountaineering there as well, on a chain of volcanoes dotting the central plateau for 100km from Mexico City to Orizaba, shortly before the land drops away to the east coast.

It’s not your average mountaineering holiday. You can stuff yourself with a three course dinner down a smart restaurant before jumping in a 4WD vehicle and driving up to 4000m to begin your climb. The mountains are few and far between, with a great sense of space at the summit, and views to the far horizon. A not a donkey or sombrero in sight …

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Praise from readers

“When I can’t be out and about Mark’s books scratch that itch. Well worth reading if you are like-minded.”

“As a regular Mark Horrell reader, this one is up to his usual standard. Interesting look at Mexico and its people.”

“I have come to quite enjoy each of Mark Horrell’s travel diaries … because of the self-effacing and witty style in which they’re written.”

“A treatise on Mark Horrell’s ascent of volcanic peaks in Mexico. Interesting read … Worth the price.”

“He has an easy reading style … good observation skills and it just feels like you are there with him on the adventures.”