Cocuy Sniffing in Colombia: Walking one of South America’s classic treks

Cocuy Sniffing in Colombia: Walking one of South America's classic treks

ISBN: 9781301881017

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When I’m solicited to buy cocaine within minutes of arriving in Colombia, it’s easy for me to assume the country’s reputation as a lawless den of drug barons and kidnappers is well deserved. But since President Álvaro Uribe came to power in 2002 and embarked on a policy of zero tolerance, Colombia has become safe and opened its doors to tourism.

I’ve come here to trek and climb in the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, an area previously a stronghold of guerrillas who would have regarded a climber, especially a foreign one, as easy money and been unable to let them pass by without kidnapping them.

What I find is a green and pleasant land of mountains, lakes and glaciers inhabited by strange plants and sociable people, and threatened not by drug lords and terrorists, but an unseen danger from the world outside.

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Praise from readers

“An entertaining read! We’re planning on doing this same circular trek and despite his honesty about the hardships, the views and achievements seem more than worthwhile.”

“I have come to quite enjoy each of Mark Horrell’s travel diaries, not only because of their details of what it’s like to participate in a commercial trek or climb, but because of the self-effacing and witty style in which they’re written.”

“A well written travel diary. Horrell is a good writer and somewhat self-deprecating. He doesn’t take his adventures or himself too seriously. An enjoyable read.”