Please note: I have a day job and write in my free time. I’m not able to reply to every message I receive, so please read the following before sending.

If you are requesting advice in response to a blog post …

Please submit your question as a comment rather than a private message. That way others can benefit from my reply, and I’m less likely to be asked the same question again.

If you want me to recommend a tour operator …

I’m not a traditional travel blogger, and I prefer not to spend time providing reviews. However, I do mention any travel companies I use in my trip reports, so rather than emailing me for a personal recommendation, please read the relevant trip report. This will give you a feel for both the destination and the operator, and whether they are suitable. Otherwise, try TripAdvisor.

If you are a media organisation requesting to use material …

I frequently receive requests to use my content, including blog posts, video and photographs. In 95% of cases the media organisation requesting the material expects to use it free of charge. While I enjoy producing the content I publish on my blog, YouTube and Flickr channels, please bear in mind that life is short, and all of these things took time and effort to create.

If you would like to use any of my content commercially, please respect the time and effort it took. Unless you are prepared to offer me something in return for my time then I am unlikely to reply to your message.

If you’d like me to review your book …

I love reading books about travel and mountains, and occasionally I review them on the blog. Sadly, I also have many books piled on my shelves and hidden in my Kindle that I’ve wanted to read for years but have never got round to.

While I may well be interested in your book, unfortunately I simply can’t guarantee I will either read it or spend time writing a review afterwards. Please only contact me about reviewing a book if you are willing to send me a copy on those terms.


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Hello, sir. More prayer flags and butter lamps, please ...
Hello, sir. More prayer flags and butter lamps, please …